Voice Part: Bass

About: Patrick teaches elementary school music on Long Island and is diligently practicing ukelele. 

Musical ExperienceWilliam and Mary DoubleTakeThe Deaftones of Westminster Choir College, and numerous other musical endeavors and a cappella groups over the years.

Favorite Keys Moment: Auditioning for The Sing Off!

Fun Fact: Patrick was on Jeopardy! Twice!



Voice PartSoprano 

PositionSocial Director

AboutLeanne works in Digital Advertising in NYC and feels very lucky to have founded this amazing group of talented singers along with Patrick Dillon and Jessy Tomsko in 2011.  She enjoys long walks on the beach and wine tasting.  

Musical ExperienceGrew up performing in musical theater at NJPAC and was a part of the Bucknell Chapel Choir as well as the Bucknell Sillhouettes (PA 2002-2005), Bridge and Tunnel (NYC 2006-2010) a cappella groups. Reigning karaoke champion at Iggy's Karaoke bar. 

Favorite Keys MomentHosting The Lost Keys 2012 Summer retreat at her house in New Jersey! 

Fun FactLeanne once sang opera for Jerry Springer and is related to Abraham Lincoln. 



Voice Part: Beat boxer/Rapper

Position: Doctor of Fly Beats & Rhymes

About: Blake is a hip-hop educator, motivational youth speaker, and Marshall Scholar with a PhD. When he's not traveling to inspire young people around the world, he's rocking freestyle raps on-stage with The Lost Keys. 

Musical Experience: As a professional music producer/songwriter, Blake has published numerous Top 40 singles in Europe and produces his own independent hip-hop in NYC. He sang with Innuendo co-ed a cappella at Wake Forest University, and he'll miss The Lost Keys when he moves to California in May!

Favorite Keys Moment: Every spontaneous jam session we've ever had, including an epic improvised Viking saga during one of our retreats. 

Fun Fact: Blake will rhyme about you...just ask!



Voice PartSoprano/Mezzo

AboutJac was born at a very young age. She farms while rapping to Eminem, and giggles when baby animals tumble. What of it? 

Musical ExperienceJac majored in music, was in the 80s a cappella group, 'The Rhythm Method' in college, which does not actually enforce the use of...well, you know. She also plays the banjo and guitar, and sometimes writes folksy stuff.

Favorite Keys MomentBed sheet Noun Bucket. Make that thread count!

Fun FactJac has never lost a pepper eating contest.


Voice Part: Bass

Position: Assistant Music Director

About: Jerry is a playwright. He write plays. He also used to work at a zoo. Ask him about it.

Musical Experience: Jerry sang at Yale with the Whiffenpoofsand SOBs, and has played piano for most of his conscious life. 

Favorite Keys Moment: Meeting Oprah on the deck of the Intrepid!

Fun Fact: In 2005, Jerry met Barack Obama in a hotel lobby. He told him to run for president. YOU'RE WELCOME. 



Voice PartSoprano

PositionGig Committee

AboutJessy is a singer/songwriter and music teacher currently residing in Astoria, Queens. Some of her favorite things in life are her guitar, coffee, HBO, and yoga. She can frequently be found doing spontaneous headstands and quoting Third Eye Blind.

Musical ExperienceCo-Founder of the Lost Keys, majored in Voice Performance at Westminster Choir College and also co-founded the conservatory's first and only pop a cappella group, The Deaftones. She teaches guitar, piano, voice and music theory, and performs regularly with her band in and around NYC. She can also be seen singing at the famous St. Patrick's Cathedral every week. 

Favorite Keys MomentSinging with Amber Rubarth at Joe's Pub!

Fun FactJessy is currently in the studio with her band finishing up a new record!



Voice Part: Alto I/Sop II

Position: Social Chair

About: When Stephanie isn't speech pathologizing, she can be found observing babies, puppies, and babies interacting with puppies  

Musical Experience: PandemoniUM (University of Maryland), attendee of unspecified karaoke bars in NYC. 

Favorite Keys Moment: Every moment of summer retreat, specifically whirlpoolin' #byephoenicia

Fun Fact: Before joining the Lost Keys, Stephanie and Colleen spent their high school glory days wearing farthingales and harmonizing in closets. 


Voice Part: Soprano I

Position: Performance Committee

About: After teaching musical theater and directing/choreographing shows in Pennsylvania, Colleen mad the move to NY and found out about this amazing group thanks to her wonderful friend and fellow key, Peter Lam. Flowers, babies, and love are her favorite. 

Musical Experience: Colleen has been singing since she was a babe. She majored in musical theater and taught voice lessons after college. 

Favorite Keys Moment: Our first night out together after my second rehearsal! 

Fun Fact: Colleen has met three Presidents!


Voice Part: Beat boxer

About: Grey Matter started beatboxing over a decade ago due to ADD and boredom. Since then, he's developed his talents into an amazing career, appearing in tv commercials and on networks like MTV, BET, and Fuse TV.   He has a huge youtube following, and he even taught a young Justin Bieber how to beatbox!  When he's not laying down the beat for The Lost Keys, you can still find Grey rocking stages throughout the tri-state area. 

Musical Experience: Beatboxer for the Muhlenberg Dynamics and hip-hop shows all over NYC! 

Favorite Keys Moment: Jamming in the living room during our summer retreat!  And The Lost Keys surprising his girlfriend on their anniversary with a rooftop rendition of Sam Smith's "Latch." 

Fun Fact: Grey has used beatboxing to get babies to stop crying on multiple occasions...


Voice Part: Beat boxer, Baritone

About: Lee hails from the wilds of suburban Massachusetts, where he grew up knowing more deer than people. He enjoys scotch smoky enough to be mistaken for bogwater and is an accomplished teller of Polish folktales. 

Musical Experience: He sang with Out Of The Blue while at Yale, and continues to sing with them at various reunions, birthdays, and tailgates. He has performed in a variety of New York musicals, most notably in the role of Morgan Freeman in the award-winning 'Triassic Parq.' That is not a joke. 

Favorite Keys Moment: Anything involving hot tubs. 

Fun Fact: He learned a variety of SAT vocabulary words by playing fantasy video games in high school. 



Voice Part: Tenor

About: Keiji is a Brooklyn-based professional music director, arranger, vocal coach and teacher. He also oversees an arts curriculum grant at Eugene Lang College, The New School. He loves harmonizing with himself in GaragBand, Bananagrams, and spoiling his 4 year old niece. 

Musical ExperienceThe Whiffenpoofs (Yale University), RedHot & Blue, so so many years of piano, will someone teach me guitar? 

Favorite Keys Moment: Any of Jenny's amazing choreo classes.

Fun Fact: Keiji miraculously got a FIVE on his AP Studio Art Portfolio (Sorry, Ian.)



Voice Part: Alto

About: Jess hails from Sudbury, Massachusetts and has also spent time living in London and Sydney. She's lived in New York since 2011 and works in Business Development at American Express. When she's not working for the man, she pursues her passion for music with The Lost Keys. And at karaoke of course.

Musical ExperienceUniversity College London Opera Society, Boston Choral Ensemble and Soulfood A cappella (Sydney).

Favorite Keys Moment: Getting a call back for The Sing Off! Also, Patrick's Grape Face.

Fun Fact: Jess has harmonized along with the radio for so long, she's not even sure she could sing the melody of a pop song if she tried.



Voice Part: "Baritenorbass"

About: William was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas before heading to the greatest school in the world--The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Upon Graduation he continued on up the coast to New York where he currently works as a fundraiser and event planner for Carnegie Hall.

Musical Experience: BA (Vocal Performance), UNC Achordants, UNC Pauper Players, Long Leaf Opera, and for his cat Sybil, whenever Sybil deems it appropriate. 

Favorite Keys Moment: Hot Tub Hot Seat!

Fun Fact: Back in the yesteryear when William was a "professional" actor, his resume had "tongue manipulations" as a special skill. You should ask him about that...



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