Voice Part: Alto/Mezzo

Position: Social Committee

About: Sarah hails from the small town of Old Lyme, CT. After graduating from Dartmouth College where she studied French/Italian Languages and Psychology, she packed up and moved to New York because Taylor Swift said it had been waiting for her. Sarah Currently works in Global Marketing for Laura Mercier Cosmetics and is a total beauty junkie.

Musical Experience: Sarah taught herself to sing in her kitchen, after school before anyone got home. Dartmouth College Dodecaphonics, crowned "Dartmouth Idol" 2011, NYC cabaret debut at the Metropolitan Room in 2017.  Once got to sings onstage with country duo Sugarland!

Favorite Keys Moment: Canoeing on Lake Harmony in my pajamas on a glorious sunny morning after a night of hyper-competitive Werewolf playing and hot tubbing.

Fun Fact: Sarah is a two-time Collegiate Women's Sailing National Champ!

Colin Aarons

Voice Part: Bass

About: By day, Colin's a mild-mannered 9-5er. By night (specifically, just on Tuesdays and some Saturdays), he's a sultry bass and one of the few chosen Lost Keys.

Musical Experience: Sixteen Feet- Swarthmore College's all male a cappella group, musical theater galore, and was once in a cover band called "The Skinny."

Favorite Keys Moment: Losing my mind on my first ever Keys' Retreat

Fun Fact: Colin will never remember your name after his first try, but will rarely forget it after the second.



Voice PartAlto I/Soprano II


AboutJamie currently works for Ronald McDonald House New York. She graduated in 2010 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in music and management. Go Heels!

Musical ExperienceTar Heel Voices (UNC), UNC Pauper Players, solo on Voices Only 2011

Favorite Keys MomentPerforming "A Very Swayze Christmas" for Joel Hodgson of MST3K. 

Fun FactJamie once sat on the tasting table of The Chew! She got to eat desserts prepared by Clinton Kelly and Martha Stewart! 



Voice PartTenor

PositionMusical Director

AboutKeiji is a Brooklyn-based professional music director, arranger, vocal coach and teacher. He also oversees an arts curriculum grant at Eugene Lang College, The New School. He loves harmonizing with himself in GaragBand, Bananagrams, and spoiling his 4 year old niece. 

Musical ExperienceThe Whiffenpoofs (Yale University), RedHot & Blue, so so many years of piano, will someone teach me guitar? 

Favorite Keys Moment: Any of Jenny's amazing choreo classes.

Fun FactKeiji miraculously got a FIVE on his AP Studio Art Portfolio (Sorry, Ian.)


Voice Part: Soprano II 

Position: Assistant Music Director

About: Rachel currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she's been living for over a year after getting her BA in psychology and speech & hearing sciences from The George Washington University in D.C. She mostly grew up in central NJ, although she was born in NY and truly considers herself a New Yorker at heart. Rachel sings and plays guitar for children ages 0-6 as her "survival job" while pursuing a professional career as a singer/actor.

Musical Experience: A whole lot of choirs/ensembles throughout middle school, high school, and college. Rachel was very involved in the music department at GWU, as a recipient of a voice scholarship and a music minor. Additionally, she was a member and eventual co-music director of the GW Troubadours, a co-ed a cappella group that is directly responsible for her obsession with owls. 

Favorite Keys Moment: Impromptu singing/dancing around a bonfire for a bachelor party next door to our lake house at retreat. 

Fun Fact: Rachel has travelled to Brazil, South Africa, and Australia...but has never been to Europe. 



Voice PartTenor

AboutHowie hails from "The Gateway to Jones Beach"-a hop, skip, and 25-mile jump from NYC. He's an environmental engineer working to mitigate climate change by day and a Lost Key by night. 

Musical ExperienceOff Broadway On Campus (University of Rochester), Christmas caroling 

Favorite Keys MomentTie between guest performing with Amber Rubarth at Joe's Pub and discovering the polio vaccine. 

Fun FactHas an unusual passion for Italian cheesecake since the time he learned to walk. Not New York Style, Italian style. Also tree frogs. 


Voice Part: Soprano

About: Deanna is from the beautiful Nutmeg State of Connecticut. She went to school for vocal performance and musical theatre at Hofstra University. She graduated in 2015 and moved right on into New York City. Deanna's a professional actress living her dreams one day at a time. 

Musical Experience: Her life is a constant stream of musical experience.

Deanna has been doing a'cappella for as long as she can remember. Tight harmonies and complex chords was her nickname in highschool. Long nickname, we know. 

Musical theatre is really her jam. She has been performing since her debut in the youth chorus at the Regional Shubert Theatre in 6th grade. 

Favorite Keys Moment: Shooting the epic music video that is Creep.

Fun Fact: Deanna loves the beach. 



Voice PartTenor

PositionPublicity/Performance Committee

AboutPeter is a professional actor who hails from Philadelphia, PA. He has toured the country multiple times and performed regionally in various shows. He continues to reach for his dreams of the Broadway stage. 

Musical ExperienceMany years of listening to Celine Dion & Mariah Carey.

Favorite Keys MomentPerforming for a charity 5K run! So nice to be making music outside for all to hear!

Fun FactPeter has almost 200 videos on YouTube, mostly covers of female songs...



Voice PartAlto

PositionPublicity Director

AboutJess hails from Sudbury, Massachusetts and has also spent time living in London and Sydney. She's lived in New York since 2011 and works in Business Development at American Express. When she's not working for the man, she pursues her passion for music with The Lost Keys. And at karaoke of course.

Musical ExperienceUniversity College London Opera Society, Boston Choral Ensemble and Soulfood A cappella (Sydney).

Favorite Keys MomentGetting a call back for The Sing Off! Also, Patrick's Grape Face.

Fun FactJess has harmonized along with the radio for so long, she's not even sure she could sing the melody of a pop song if she tried.



Voice Part"Baritenorbass"


AboutWilliam was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas before heading to the greatest school in the world--The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Upon Graduation he continued on up the coast to New York where he currently works as a fundraiser and event planner for Carnegie Hall.

Musical ExperienceBA (Vocal Performance), UNC Achordants, UNC Pauper Players, Long Leaf Opera, and for his cat Sybil, whenever Sybil deems it appropriate. 

Favorite Keys MomentHot Tub Hot Seat!

Fun FactBack in the yesteryear when William was a "professional" actor, his resume had "tongue manipulations" as a special skill. You should ask him about that...


Voice PartAlto

PositionTreasurer/Performance Director

AboutJenny tirelessly aspires to become a pop musicologist (with a concentration in Beyoncé, of course), but to pass the time, she manages planning and allocation for and DJs all Lost Keys road trips. 

Musical ExperienceMixed Company (Yale University), Whim 'n Rhythm (Yale University), Street Level Band (classic rock/soul group in Pittsburgh).

Favorite Keys MomentSnow bunnies photo shoot during our last winter retreat in upstate NY!

Fun FactWay before the heyday of Glee, Jenny was the token dancing Asian in her high school's show choir. 



Voice Part"Baritenorbass" 


AboutJoe is a professional photographer from...well, from everywhere! He moved to New York in 2012, but before making the big move up North, he was holding it down in the ATL, shawty! When he's not shooting or traveling, he's killing it all over NYC with The Lost Keys!

Musical ExperienceInnuendo co-ed a cappella at Wake Forest University (GO DEACS!), The ATL Graduates, and vocals for two of Blake Brandes' solo albums! 

Favorite Keys MomentPeter giving us twerking/stank face lessons at our winter retreat. 

Fun FactWhen Joe was very young, he received two albums that would forever shape his musical tastes: Hootie & The Blowfish's Cracked Rearview and Dru Hill's Enter The Dru. The rest, as they say, is history...