Voice Part: Tenor

About: Keiji is a Brooklyn-based professional music director, arranger, vocal coach and teacher. He also oversees an arts curriculum grant at Eugene Lang College, The New School. He loves harmonizing with himself in GaragBand, Bananagrams, and spoiling his 4 year old niece. 

Musical ExperienceThe Whiffenpoofs (Yale University),RedHot & Blue, so so many years of piano, will someone teach me guitar? 

Favorite Keys Moment: Any of Jenny's amazing choreo classes.

Fun Fact: Keiji miraculously got a FIVE on his AP Studio Art Portfolio (Sorry, Ian.)







Voice Part: Tenor

About: Howie hails from "The Gateway to Jones Beach"-a hop, skip, and 25-mile jump from NYC. He's an environmental engineer working to mitigate climate change by day and a Lost Key by night. 

Musical ExperienceOff Broadway On Campus (University of Rochester), Christmas caroling 

Favorite Keys Moment: Tie between guest performing with Amber Rubarth at Joe's Pub and discovering the polio vaccine. 

Fun Fact: Has an unusual passion for Italian cheesecake since the time he learned to walk. Not New York Style, Italian style. Also tree frogs. 








Voice Part: Tenor

Position: Publicity Director

About: Peter is a professional actor who hails from Philadelphia, PA. He has toured the country multiple times and performed regionally in various shows. He continues to reach for his dreams of the Broadway stage. 

Musical Experience: Many years of listening to Celine Dion & Mariah Carey.

Favorite Keys Moment: Performing for a charity 5K run! So nice to be making music outside for all to hear!

Fun Fact: Peter has almost 200 videos on YouTube, mostly covers of female songs...








Voice Part: "Baritenorbass"

About: William was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas before heading to the greatest school in the world--The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Upon Graduation he continued on up the coast to New York where he currently works as a fundraiser and event planner for Carnegie Hall.

Musical Experience: BA (Vocal Performance), UNC AchordantsUNC Pauper PlayersLong Leaf Opera, and for his cat Sybil, whenever Sybil deems it appropriate. 

Favorite Keys Moment: Hot Tub Hot Seat!

Fun Fact: Back in the yesteryear when William was a "professional" actor, his resume had "tongue manipulations" as a special skill. You should ask him about that...