Voice Part: Alto

About: Jess hails from Sudbury, Massachusetts and has also spent time living in London and Sydney. She's lived in New York since 2011 and works in Business Development at American Express. When she's not working for the man, she pursues her passion for music with The Lost Keys. And at karaoke of course.

Musical ExperienceUniversity College London Opera Society, Boston Choral Ensemble and Soulfood A cappella (Sydney).

Favorite Keys Moment: Getting a call back for The Sing Off! Also, Patrick's Grape Face.

Fun Fact: Jess has harmonized along with the radio for so long, she's not even sure she could sing the melody of a pop song if she tried.






Voice Part: Alto

Position: Treasurer/Performance Director

About: Jenny tirelessly aspires to become a pop musicologist (with a concentration in Beyoncé, of course), but to pass the time, she manages planning for North American women's footwear for Cole Haan and DJs all Lost Keys road trips. 

Musical ExperienceMixed Company (Yale University), Whim 'n Rhythm (Yale University), Street Level Band (classic rock/soul group in Pittsburgh).

Favorite Keys Moment: Snow bunnies photo shoot during our last winter retreat in upstate NY!

Fun Fact: Way before the heyday of Glee, Jenny was the token dancing Asian in her high school's show choir. 


Voice Part: Alto/Mezzo

About: Sarah hails from the small town of Old Lyme, CT. After graduating from Dartmouth College, she packed up and moved to New York because Taylor Swift said it had been waiting for her. Sarah Currently works in Retail Management at Bloomingdale's. 

Musical Experience: Sarah taught herself to sing in her kitchen, after school before anyone got home. Dartmouth College Dodecaphonics, crowned "Dartmouth idol" 2011, various musical theater/chorus/band gigs. Once got to sing onstage with country duo, Sugarland! 

Favorite Keys Moment: Breaking out the moves with fellow Lost Keys ladies at rehearsal (while the guys performed their arrangement of "Classic.")

Fun Fact: Sarah is a two-time Collegiate Women's Sailing National champ!